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The Roastery

Every Monday - Friday 11.00-16.00 we are open for you.
We serve speciality coffee roasted in our small micro roastery. Come and join us for a nice coffee chat and amazing coffee’s. Mr Benny Söderman is serving IBRIK Greek style every day we are open and also our latest beverage Bennycano. We also have a lot more to offer so join us in our passion for coffee. 


Team Costas Of Sweden
Costas, Linda, Benny, Konstantinos, Alexandros


Costas Of Sweden team in the roastery to prepare the best speciality coffee in Sweden!Costas Of Sweden coffee prepared at the roastery in the North of SwedenCostas of Sweden coffee prepared with high quality speciality coffee at the roasteryCostas Of Sweden coffees prepared with passion with high quality coffeeCostas Of Sweden Roastery to brew high quality speciality coffeeCostas Of Sweden Roastery roasting high quality coffee beans