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Who is Costas Of Sweden?


Costas Of Sweden (Costas Pliatsikas) is a roaster, barista & barista tools innovator who was born and raised up in Chania, Greece and lives in Umeå, Sweden for almost 20 years! He has been working in the coffee industry since the beginning of the 90's.

Costas is the 2007 Swedish Barista Champion that represented Sweden in the WBC in Japan and took the 12th place. 
Just one year before that, Costas became the Swedish Latte Art Champion and took the 3th place in WLAC in Bern 2006.

That was also the year he started his own roastery. The revolutionary light roasted profiles he used was very unique at that time and despite the big reactions, he and some other very skillfull roasters made sure that speciality coffee was tasted like never before!

He has been part of the Swedish National Barista team 2005, 2006 & 2007 (2007 was the year that Sweden won the Nordic Barista cup for the first time ever!). Costas became world wide famous in WLAC 2006 in Bern when he competed for the first time by using a dosing funnel (later known as IDR-intelligent dosing ring) and  in WBC 2007 in Japan where he, for the first time again, took both portafilters at once, grinded the coffee in a foot pedal driven Mazzer Robur, dosed, leveled, tamped and then simultaneously brewed all 4 espressos and served then at the same time!

Together with some other very innovative barista techniques that Costas introduced in the world coffee scene, although he never became the world barista champion, his performances became historical! Costas was the first barista that is also a roaster to win the nationals and the first barista ever to use geisha on stage!

He was also the first roaster that brought in Sweden coffees from producers like Janson’s, Kotowa and the José Alfredo for Ninety plus etc.. The year 2012, Costas got invited by the Panama Speciality Coffee Association to be one of the international judges for the  Best of Panama. The same year he started the production of  the idr (intelligent dosing ring) and also started traveling around the world participating in many coffee events and making his coffee network even bigger.

Some years after, in 2015, Costas got an idea to make 2 more unique at that time barista tools. The dtamp (2in1 Distributor & Tamper) and the bStation, a barista station that made it possible for a barista to work with 6 portafilter at a time!
The combination of all his tools that is known as the ”Workflow by Costas” and together with his distribution technique known as ”Wave distribution by Costas”  became so popular on Instagram that within only a few months all his videos got more than 120 million views and the name Costas Of Sweden became one of the strongest names in the coffee world!


Keep updated and stay tuned……..his coffee trip has just started!!


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